Wed, Jan. 18th, 2017

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I have a tremendous case of the dunwannas tonight, and I am giving in hardcore. Didn't to shit tonight after work except goof around on social media and eat garbage. I'm so into junk food today. I think it's the nic detox. In fact, I'm pretty damn sure it's the nic detox. First half of work today was for sprint meetings, but the second half I got to really get some stuff done, so that's always a good feeling. It continues to be easier for me to work on stuff than to have meetings and do plannings, so basically I'm still trying to figure out if that means I'm just not the guy for this job or if it's just still on the new side and I need adjustment. Plus...if it is that I need adjustment, is that how I want to adjust? Like is it worth putting in effort to head in a direction I don't really want to go? These are good questions. Possibly endless questions, but good in their way, and they deserve attention. But not tonight. Tonight I'm going to try and at least get some basic chores done and get to bed and not think too hard about how my brain feels. Onward to tomorrow.


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