Wed, Mar. 1st, 2017

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Wed, Mar. 1st, 2017 00:04
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Typical Tuesday stuff: I went to therapy this morning, which was good. We ended up not talking about me so much as other people, but that's a thing that happens sometimes, and it's useful. We have good conversations. I caught the Misdirected Mark stream tonight, which was also good. Bob was out sick, but special guest Jim McClure was in the house, so (naturally) they went long, but it was an interesting conversation.

Semi-typical Tuesday stuff: I was on chauffeur duty again today because Gb had a dentist appointment this afternoon. He was supposed to have rehearsal afterward, too, but he ended up falling ill. He made it to the dentist, but not rehearsal. He's trying to get some sleep. Hope he feels better. Tb had a normal day, but since I had the car, I ran a few errands during the day. I actually spent quite a lot of today on the road. Wasn't bad. I like driving, and it gave me a chance to (a) get away from the computer for a while, and (b) listen to some podcasts.

Atypical Tuesday stuff: As I mentioned yesterday, Jim launched the Kickstarter for Satanic Panic today. The thing funded in 12 hours. 12 hours! That's outstanding. I'm really happy for the guy. That's not the best part, though. As I mentioned before, Jim was the guest on this week's MM podcast, so he was on tonight's live stream. The KS funded while he was live on the mics! We all hoped it would happen, and it did. Really funny. :)

I can't really point to anything that I got done today, but I felt pretty productive, which is just as good. ;) I guess it was mostly background, domestic stuff. No projects got advanced, but I got things done in some sense. It'll do. :) Like I keep saying, Tuesdays aren't really the days to make sense of things. I got a text from Amanda today checking to see if I was coming in sometime soon. I might need to do more driving tomorrow, so for now I'm planning on heading in on Thursday. She wants to grab lunch. What else... I joined a new FB group for "intersectional" gamers, so we'll see if that goes anywhere. Gb's play is this weekend. Yeah, I dunno. Normal stuff. Life continues.

My plan right now for tomorrow is a social media break and concentration on knocking some things off the to-do list. We'll see if I remember that plan in the morning. ;) For now, good night, world.


Wed, Mar. 1st, 2017 22:19
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This is pretty much a non-post. Nothing of note today; I didn't even do any chauffeuring. ;) I pushed the City trip from tomorrow to Friday because I'm supposed to get a package tomorrow. I did some catchup and chores today, but not the stuff I should have been doing. Ah, well, there's always tomorrow. ;) (And if that's not the procrastinators' motto, then I don't even know.) I should set a rule about getting X amount of stuff done before I crack open social media. ;) Most of what I did today was RSS catchup, so at least I'm getting a handle on my infostream. Hopefully email tomorrow.

One noteworthy thing from today: Geek & Sundry did a live stream AP of one of Grant's games, The Witch is Dead. I mean holy SHIT. That's pretty big. :) Super proud of and happy for him. I also took joy in congratulating SASG for scooping G&S. ;)

Yeah, I dunno. Told you it was a non-post. :) I'm doing well; other people are doing well; I'm kind happy for us all. Hopefully the same tomorrow. Can't ask for much more!


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