Wed, Mar. 8th, 2017

Day out

Wed, Mar. 8th, 2017 23:50
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I actually did end up spending much of today with Tabitha when she was between appointments. It was a nice time. I feel like we got some real quality time together, and during the day, no less! The weather's been really nice lately, so we even went for a little stroll after lunch. It was just a nice, pleasant time together. I love her very much. That feels weird to say in public, and I don't know why. But there it is. I don't talk a lot about my relationships, I guess. It feels like a very private thing. And it is, I suppose. But it can't be news to anybody that I love her. My partner. I wouldn't be weird if I didn't, right? It's just...never been something I talk about, I guess. I doubt that will change much, honestly, but I've been kind of emotional and sentimental today, so...I'll take the step, I guess. I love my partner.

I guess I had some time in the morning and evening when I wasn't hanging out, but I don't think I got much done of note. Today was International Women's Day, so social media was hopping. There were a lot of shout-outs (in my circle, anyway) to women who design RPGs, and I had another, like, flash of sentimentality. I know so many cool people! It's pretty astounding, when I stopped to think about it for a second. I dunno. The world is so full of great people. It's a good thing to remember when I'm feeling instead like the world is full of malicious nincompoops. It's sort of an adaptation of something that comes up in therapy a lot. When I'm feeling good, my therapist recommends that I try to remember those times -- remember those feelings. The memories are supposed to come in handy when I'm depressed or anxious. It's good to remember that it won't always be like that, that one day I won't feel bad, and I'll feel good again. Same idea, I guess; there aren't only bad people; there are good people, too.

Anyway. So, yeah, not a lot to report as far as accomplishments. Again. Tomorrow I'm earmarking for chores, though, no question. I'm nearing critical levels of laundry need. ;) And the to-do list just keeps on growing, so I really gotta start knocking items off of that. :) Tomorrow will be a good day for that. I'll try and keep the social media under control. Until then.


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