Sun, Mar. 12th, 2017

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I think I went to bed a little earlier than usual last night. "I think" because at some point I fell asleep listening to a podcast. :P But anyway...I found myself awake at some ungodly early hour this morning. And that's even after DST started, so it's an hour less than I think, even. :) Anyway...I couldn't get back to sleep, so I'm just kind of puttering around with my morning.

Anyway...I'm only posting to put the following on record: I am a terrible napper. Terrible! I'm so bad at it. I don't sleep for small periods of time. I sleep for, like, 4 hours. :) So I tend to avoid napping, because it's super unproductive for me. I "nap" for a really long time, and then I wake up all disoriented. :) Anyway, that's not what I wanted on record. What I wanted on record is that...if I feel like napping today, I'm gonna do it!
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I did not end up napping today, which is probably for the best, to be quite honest. I did, however, get a lot of cooking done, which is good, since it means not ordering delivery crap quite so much. It also means I have a pile of dishes to do tonight, but them's the breaks. Between (and sometimes during) cooking adventures, I got a lot of online catchup done! Now if I can only keep daily pace with my infostream, hopefully I can keep current from now on?! If I can't...I probably means I should throttle down the ol' infostream a bit? It's difficult. :) Social media wasn't bad today, but it's always slower on the weekends, and moreso on Sundays, I think. Plus sooooo many of my people were either at Breakout or PAX East, so that eats up a lot of bandwidth and stuff, too.

Anyway. Not much to report, except that I felt quite productive today. Yay!


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