Sun, Mar. 19th, 2017


Sun, Mar. 19th, 2017 17:23
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I might be busy later tonight, so I thought I'd try and get a quick post up now. I'll elaborate later if I have time. The highlights, though, are that yesterday I headed out to Queens for a putative chargen/session zero of the new Traveller with Gareth and that crowd. The way things shook out, though, half the people dropped out for being busy, sick, and then sick and also unaware that the game was happening. ;) We managed to pick up a couple stragglers, though, so in the end it was me, Stephan, Stephanie, Tom, and Dorian. We started off just hanging out and chit-chatting, mostly about capitalism and politics and non-profit funding models and all that kinda good stuff. :) Eventually, gamewise, we warmed up with a little Apples for Apples, then got some dinner. We tried out like half a game of Kaiju Incorporated (the card game, not the Fate RPG) and Helene sat in for part of that. It got pretty late, though, so we called it a night. Due to various train shenanigans, it took me like three hours or something to get home. Weaksauce. I'm honestly not that motivated to try something like that again without a car, but you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

Today, inspired by an FB post and on a whim of follow-up, I watched Contact again. Better than I remember, honestly. Still slow and long, but whaddaya gonna do. Dorian tipped me off to Dragon Blade which looks utterly ridiculous, but which I'm really looking forward to checking out sometime. :) Tb is back from a weekend away, so we're going to hang out tonight, which is why I may not be posting later. Better this way, anyway; maybe this will start the habit of not waiting until the last thing I do before bed to do my blogging.

Anyway. Overall, nice, chill weekend, and I even got a little socializing in there. It wasn't without it's difficulties. Mostly just the logistics of getting people together, but I also had a pre-event anxiety spike, so that's never good. I think a nice evening tonight will go a long way toward chilling me out, though. :) Online stuff's been pushed to the side while I pursue IRL fun, but I guess that's just how that goes. Gb's on spring break for the next couple weeks, so I'm sure that will mean more time with Tb, too. So, yeah, the world continues. Pretty good weekend, though. :)


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