Sun, Apr. 23rd, 2017

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So this will mark my first post solely on Dreamwidth, and so I guess it's officially the end of my time with LiveJournal. So it goes.

I actually had a supremely unproductive weekend, so this will be a short entry. Actually, I think I'm going to be looking at about a week or so of short entries, but I'll get to that later. But anyway.

Friday was an evening in with Tabitha, which was nice. It wouldn't normally be novel, because Friday used to be date night, but we've been doing some rescheduling of late, so we don't normally have Fridays together these days. But this one we did, and it was good. Nothing in particular to report there, I don't think; we're still making our way through Orphan Black. I ate too much. We ordered from that burrito place again. I was proud of myself for not eating every damn thing; I actually set aside enough for a second meal later. But I blew that advantage by sucking down like a whole container of ice cream after. No regrets. Well, I regretted it at the time. :)

Oh, you know? I just remembered about Friday...I made a terrible mistake early on. I decided to splurge on breakfast, so I got a bunch of junk food while I was running errands in the morning. That wasn't the terrible mistake; that was just a regular mistake. The terrible mistake was then laying down afterward. I can't remember why, now, but I was sleep deprived that day, so I tried to take a nap, which the long history of my life tells me I am terrible at. So I tried to nap. I fell asleep, but I got like horrible reflux from it, because it was right after all that junk food. I was pretty bad that afternoon. Bizarrely, I felt better after I choked down some kefir. I dunno, man. Life.

Anyway. Saturday, Tabitha had her business to take care of, so I basically had a day to myself. I was totally a lump. Pretty much I just watched TV. Haven't had a day like that in a long time. But Tb had the car, and it was raining, so I felt perfectly justified just taking a day to do nothing. I could haven't spent it more productively on the computer, but...I didn't. I decided since it was Saturday morning, I was going to kick it old school and watch some cartoons, so that's what I did. Also I checked out some of that new MST3K, which made me happy. And I watched Kindergarten Cop?! I don't know why Pamela Reed didn't become a big star. I think she was before her time, maybe. So, yeah. Bunch of TV. Not a lot else.

Today (Sunday), was slightly more normal, I suppose. It wasn't as planned, necessarily, but I did some chores and did productive stuff. I think I woke up a bit too late this morning, plus I took another impromptu nap mid-day, so none of that bodes well for me getting to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Even so, I'll do what I can. I'm finding it hard to manage sleep around here. I wish I was better at napping; I think that would help me out a lot. There's nothing really for it, though; I just have to get to bed earlier.

Oh...I hit a milestone of sorts today. At the grocery store, I was trying to leave after checking out, and I was being blocked, and I don't mean this unkindly, by a young, fat kid trying to eat a cupcake. I gave him the "Excuse me, young man." What the fuck. I knew immediately after I'd said it that I crossed some kind of Rubicon. This is it. This is what life is now. I'm so old that I say, "Excuse me, young man," while I'm trying to get out of the supermarket. It's funny, too, because this comes on the heels of me wearing my "grumpy old man" hat around the other day. I took a selfie with it. It might have been the most popular thing I've ever posted on Facebook. So, yeah. That's how life is now. :)

EDIT: Guess this didn't turn out to be such a short entry, after all.


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