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Ha! I meant to try writing an entry earlier in the day instead of doing it as the last thing before I power down the computer. Totally didn't do that. I even thought about it before, but I didn't start an entry because I hadn't had dinner yet. Yeah...fascinating stuff. ;) Anyway. Pretty busy today again. On a whim, I volunteered for chauffeur duty, so after that, I basically spent the day running errands. I can't believe it, but I've gone clean on the "to buy" list I'd been keeping for a while! Today I got a toolbox for my bike tools and stuff, and a bin (finally) to replace the one in the bathroom that's broken but that I've continued to "use" for...however many months now. What else...I can't remember what all else, but the point being that I think I'm caught up on that crap. Hooray!

For my downtime (basically lunch), I watched Strange Magic, which was awesome. I've had the stupid Netflix DVD for months now, so today I finally sat down and watched it. Man, I liked it so much. Basically a fairly tale jukebox musical? Animated. Like in that Frozen style. And it was a pretty mature fairy tale. I mean...not, like, dirty. I just mean...like you know how Shrek was a lot of booger jokes and donkey shenanigans and stuff? This wasn't that. It was just straight-up exciting fairly tale and fantasy stuff. High adventure and romance. It's supposed to be based on Midsummer Night's Dream. (Speaking of donkey shenanigans.) I can kinda see it? I mean, there are elements, certainly. I'm not familiar enough with MND to further analyze.

Anyway. Gb was supposed to be on school trips to the City all week, but it got cut short because of the weather, so today ended up being the last day for that. I picked up Tb at work and hung out with her for a while, and we both went and got Gb before I headed home. So, again, a nice, domestic day, I suppose. I keep saying...I could get used to this. :) But overall? Largely an uneventful day.


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