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The last few weeks have kind of been a warm-up, but concrete steps have been taken, so it's time to take the veil off of something I've been referencing lately. The previously mentioned "Project Dante" is that I'm moving in with Tabitha. I've been basically living that life the last several weeks, just kind of learning the routines and so forth -- sort of a trial run, I guess -- but today I got a storage unit so I could empty out my apartment, and...well, that's it, I guess. So that's going to be my primary project this week; I've got to tear down the old place. There's not much to be done on the moving-in side, I think. I'm kinda resetting life in a more minimalist fashion for the time being until we figure out space and so forth.


Welp. While I was writing this, the kiddo injured himself, so guess I'll sign off. I originally was going to say that I may drop off the map for like a week or so while I take care of the tear-down, but as I think of it, it doesn't seem necessary. Not like I spend a shitload of time blogging these days, anyway. We'll see how it goes. I won't beat myself up if I miss a few entries, though.

Until next time.


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